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5 Tips for Toddler Tantrums

So here we were again having our Monday battle Kai vs Mommy. I don’t know what it is about Mondays but I literally have to have my coffee and mentally prepare before entering his bedroom. He use to just be grumpy but now he’s developed this new habit of falling out. I’ll be the first

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New Product Alerts: Happy Little Campers

I’m always looking for products that will work for my little ones sensitive skin. Well this product found us and we were more than pleased. There’s nothing better than finding a company who puts the health of costumers first there wipes are 100% natural and cotton. So not only do they not irritate my little

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The Beauty Queen Secret

We always keep family business behind closed doors. We always here of woman coming out telling their battle of domestic violence but we never get the child’s point of view. I’m going to tell my side and own battle with domestic violence throughout my childhood. FIRST MEMORY: I always saw my mom as this beautiful

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Restaurant Etiquette 101-Toddler Edition

Every parent has that stressful feeling of taking your baby/toddler to a restaurant, childrens behavior can be unpredictable.  There’s always that one table with the crying child or the child who is extremely active and can’t sit still. Well I don’t have all of the answers but here are a few tips to hopefully minimize

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The Baby Factory

When are you having another baby? If I had a dollar for each time that question is asked I’d be one rich momma. Its like once you have one baby then “BABY FACTORY” becomes painted across your forehead.So I guess its time to let the cat out of the bag.

7 Beginner Tips for Couponing

This week we are going to focus on Couponing. I never realized how much I could save by couponing  until it was time to buy diapers.Now I use coupons for everything food, household goods, and even clothes . Here are a seven of my tips and tricks to getting all of our house hold needs

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